Women’s BJJ and Self-Defense

Real Martial Artist coming together to teach women real techniques and strategies that could save their lives, their families lives, build confidence, and gain a family oriented community.

Please join us for a free Self Defense Class every Saturdays at 1100am

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“You don’t raise human beings. You have to cultivate a human being. You have to give space, support, and love so that the human being grows because every human being is capable of a unique possibility”-Sanguru

Have your ever experienced an uncomfortable situation that either left you frozen in your tracks, hurt, or silenced? Have you always wanted to learn martial arts or take a self defense class but didn’t know where to start?

Have you ever experienced physical or emotional trauma, experience life with PTSD and/or anxiety and are looking for ways to overcome that?

Whatever the reason is that brought you to this page, we want you to know that this class is absolutely free to try and if it works for you, we welcome you with open arms.

Learning to defend yourself gives you the confidence to know that you are not a victim, your voice matters, and your body is capable of extraordinary things.

“We learn how to fight so we never have to” -Rener Gracie

What is Women’s Self Defense?

It is an unarmed defense which incorporates awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontational skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques in order to successfully escape, resist, avoid, and/or survive violent attacks.

Although the physical techniques taught in this course can assist anyone regardless of gender, how an assailant may go about attacking a woman may differ from their plan to attack a man and we will cover the most common scenarios.

Most assault cases that involve women are done by someone they know. Whether it is your boss pushing his work onto you, a co-worker making persistent sexual advances towards you, or stranger who’s confronted you on your evening jog, we want to provide you with the knowledge and skills to take on any situation.

Does Self-Defense Work?

Yes, it has been confirmed through a study done where over 200 college students were analyzed. Those who had taken a women’s self-defense as oppose to those that did not were less likely to be attacked, less likely to encounter uncomfortable situations, more likely to set boundaries, more assertive, and had a higher sense of confidence. Nothing is guaranteed but self-defense can increase your options when it comes to de-escalating, avoiding, or interrupting an attack.

Am I too old? Out of shape? What if I have disabilities?

We do not expect all our students to be athletes. We can adjust the program to adapt to every age, ability, and provide each student with the opportunity to learn. We understand each individual is unique and we encourage students to discuss their own needs.

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